CNC Routing

For the uninitiated, CNC stand for Computer Numerically Controlled.
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Specialists In CNC Routing

Our CNC router table is essentially a router table that is operated by a computer. This enables us to produce highly accurate (to within .1 of a mm) parts in multiple numbers.

With cutting area of 2440mm x 1220mm our machine can handle sheet plastic, timber or aluminium composite up to 80mm thick. The computer running the show deals with CAD (Computer Aided Design/Drawing) and will accept file formats including .dxf, .dwg, .eps and others. So once a part is drawn up and stored in CAD it can be sent to the machine to cut out.  It’s a bit like biscuit cutters – punching out as many as is needed, fast and accurate.

CNC routing is a very cost effective way to produce parts with professional results.

Check out these real world examples of how we have achieved significant savings for our customers…
Conveyor Tensioner

Number of units required – 88
Material – 16mm Nylon
OEM replacement part – $109.00ea +GST
Plasweld substitute part – $39.00ea +GST
Customer saving – $6,160.00

Sorting Machine Grader

Number of Units Required – 40
Material – 3mm PVC
OEM replacement part – $67.00ea +GST
Plasweld substitute part – $22.00ea +GST
Customer saving – $1,800.00

Loom Spinner

Number of units required – 51
Material – 3mm Lexan Polycarbonate
OEM replacement part – $72.00ea +GST
Plasweld substitute part – $24.95ea +GST
Customer saving – $2,419.55

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