Rear Window Savers

Protection for your rear windscreen

New Improved Design!

Our customers told us that they wanted a Rear Window Saver that was easier to store and easier to put on and take off, and we listened.

Based on customer feedback we are now supplying all models (with the exception of LandRover Discovery Series 3 & 4) as 2-piece units.
Our new 2-piece units can be shipped to you via Australia Post within 2-3 days of your order.

Custom made and impact resistant

Now isn’t this a great idea? If you tow a van or trailer (particularly off road) you need this product!

Not many people understand the cost of having to repair a rear vehicle window which has broken as a result of a stone bouncing up from a van or trailer. Rear windows can cost up to 5 times more to replace than a front windscreen and some insurance policies may not even cover it. On top of that there’s the inconvenience. If you bust a rear window out at whoop whoop you’ll be eating dust and flies all the way back to the city.

Custom made from impact resistant clear polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass) the Rear Window Saver provides cheap insurance against a spoiled trip.

So, how do our Rear Window Savers work?

  • Well, we have developed templates for many popular makes including Land Cruiser 100, 200 and 300 Series, GU Patrol, Prado 120 & 150, Landrover Discovery 3 & 4 to name a few.
  • They are cut to specifically fit and mould to the curvature of the rear window.
  • They attach with a series of high quality, double action suctions cups so that they take only seconds to install and remove.
  • So there is not need to permanently attach any fixing to your vehicle.
  • No messy hook and loop fixing that can get clogged with dust and mud either.
  • And we have never had a customer tell us that the Rear Window Saver has fallen off using our system!  The suckers can be replaced if needed and we always have spares available in stock.
  • We have customers all over Australia and our Rear Window Saver can be delivered to your door no matter where you are.

You can now order your rear window saver online, we usually dispatch within 2-3 business days of your order being placed.

PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY vehicles we cater for are those currently listed in our on-line shop.  If and when new products are produced, we will add them to our shop. If you do not see your vehicle listed it means that we don’t have a product to suit so there is really no need to ring or email to check.   Payment is by direct bank transfer, the details for which will be included in your order acknowledgement.  You are more that welcome to call us beforehand if you need any reassurance as to the legitimacy of the transaction.  Thank you.

Rear Window Savers

Protection for your rear windscreen.


Rear windows can cost up to 5 times more to replace than a front windscreen and some insurance policies may not even cover it.  RWS’s are attached with suction cups.

Makes Of 4WD

Landcruiser, Patrol, Discovery + more

Makes Of 4WD

Well, we have developed templates for many popular makes including Land Cruiser 100 and 200 series, GU Patrol, Prado 120 & 150, Landrover Discovery 3 & 4 to name a few

Impact Resistant

250 times stronger than glass

Cheap Insurance

Custom made from impact resistant clear polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass) the Rear Window Saver provides cheap insurance against a spoiled trip.

What Our Happy Customers Say

We have just returned from a nearly 5000km trip to Birdsville and other outback areas, across a lot of rough road.  I am happy to now let you know that the Plasweld rear window shield suction caps worked pretty well, and I certainly didn’t lose the shield as I had previously feared.  A few of the caps needed to be ‘restuck’ occasionally as the moisture dried out and dust getting under the caps made them come loose but this was readily fixed – I just needed to remember to check the shield periodically and restick when required.
So I just wanted to let you know that your product performed well and I am most happy with it now.  In fact, there were a few people interested in the protector and took down your details so you might get a bit of referred business!
Roger (ACT), 100 Series LandCruiser

“Just wanted to give you a quick ‘thumbs up’ for the window protector we purchased from you for our 200 Series Cruiser. We are finally back from our trip down the Canning and what a trip it was.  I was really impressed with the way your Rear Window Saver held on over even the roughest roads.  I noticed that the back of the Cruiser suffered a number of stone chips so I can only imagine what would have happened if my rear window was unprotected.  Having broken one on our previous vehicle I was not about to let it happen again and your product certainly boosted our confidence in that regard.
So all in all we are very happy and thanks again.”

Barry (SA), 200 Series LandCruiser
“Hello Debbie
I inquired about your product back in September 2012 and baulked at having to spend yet more money on safety equipment.  Consequently I did not purchase one at the time.
We have recently returned from a trip and, I am sad to say, broke the back window in our 200 Series Landcruiser. It cost us $635 for a replacement window plus $185 in freight.  Our insurance covered it but we were stuck for a week and the back of the vehicle was a hell of a mess with broken glass and dust.  It was cold comfort that we were not the only ones in this situation as we heard of four others who suffered the same fate.  I now concede that protecting the window would have been cheap insurance.
So I thought you and others may be interested in our story and, yes, I am coming back to you with my tail between my legs saying ‘please can I buy one?’”
Gary B. , (Edited Recount Of Phone Conversation)
G’day Michael.
I have probably gone into “overkill” in prevention as I use both your product and “Stone Stomper” both purchased for this last trip to Central Australia & return, both fitted prior to leaving & not removed until back home; Stone Stomper only used when towing the T-Van. The Plasweld product stayed there the entire trip.
The Rear Window Protector stayed in place for the entire trip to Central Australia & return, so yes removing the sticker &/or a portion from the rear window that effected the suction cups was the key to getting them to stick as you advised by phone when I contacted you last. Sorry I was getting a bit stressed as I was well over a day late leaving for my trip and seemed to have one thing after another go wrong, trouble when you haven’t done a long trip in 5 years.
Happy for you to use the testimonial on your web page. All too often there is only negative feed back and customers forget to give praise when deserved for good service or products.
Have been spreading the “word” about the Product and where I got the product from.
Thanks and cheers
Jon (Mt Colah, NSW), 120 Prado
The Plasweld Rear Window Protector arrived at our door on Thursday just 4 days after I placed the order, fitted it that weekend and left for Robinson Gorge on Monday and we tested it over an 800k trip of nearly 200k’s of gravel road sandwiched between 300k’s of highway driving. The Plasweld RWP did the job, one suction cap did work loose but I simply cleaned it and that part of the window, re-stuck it, and then had no further problems despite some fairly rough gravel tracks. We are very happy with the Plasweld Rear Window Protector and the excellent customer service provided by you and the Plasweld Team.
Michael (Yeppoon, QLD), 150 Series Prado
Hi Michael
We’re now back home after our month long trip to the Red Centre.  All went well and the RWS certainly did its job.  Have attached a couple of pictures of it fitted to my D3.
We did a total of about 8800 kms and, of that, about 3600 kms were on unsealed roads and tracks, including the Oodnadatta Track, Mt Dare and Finke Roads, Plenty Highway, Birdsville Track, Walkers Crossing, etc.  Some of them were OK, but we also had some of the most corrugated and rough / stony stony roads that I’ve seen in my travels.
The RWS handled the dust and corrugations well and never seemed like coming loose.
Regards, Jim…
Jim Nicholson, President Range Rover Club of Australia (NSW) Ltd.
Hi Debbie
just wanted to let you know, we have completed another trip with our camper trailer in tow and your Plasweld Rear Window Protector on the back window of our Prado. This time we went to Cape Melville (east coast, halfway to the Cape) for a week, over some very rough and dusty (read bull-dust) tracks. In all we did just under 3800k and the RWP didn’t miss a beat – not even a loose suction cap.
thanks again for a great Aussie made product.
Kind regards
Michael Prior, Prado
Hi Michael,
Your Rear window protectors didn’t move on our trip to the Gulf of Carpenteria.
We did 10,000 ks on some of the roughest roads. None of the suction caps let go.
We are very impressed.
Thanks. Photo attached (Eric’s GU Patrol is pictured)
Regards Eric
Eric (Near Baccus Marsh), GU Patrol
Hi Debbie
Our Plasweld rear window saver has just completed another big trip – this time 4300k (650k on gravel) to Lawn Hill in far-north-west Qld and back. Again the PRWS didn’t move, despite some really rough roads and unbelievable bull-dust. And its been to Hervey Bay and across to Fraser Island in recent weeks. In all since June 2014, our RWS has clocked up 11,072k.
All the best for the festive season to you and your wonderful staff who make a great Aussie product.
Michael (Yeppoon)
G’day Michael,
Just a quick heads up mate I have received my Rear window protector for my GU Patrol today, I was surprised to see it here so quickly considering  it was sent from country Vic to arrive in northern SA  in just 3 day (not including the weekend in the middle).
I am doing a trip up to Birdsville at the start of July following the Oodnadatta track up the Birdsville track and return.
I will get some photos and let you know how it faired.  I will certainly let people know about your product should they ask about it.
Cheers again
Cameron, GU Patrol
Hi Michael,
Just wanting to let you know that I have received the rear window protector that you sent to us and thank you for such good service.
I received it on the following Monday so it only took 5 working days to get from you to Broome. That’s pretty good timeframe for freight. I thought you might be interested to know that.
I have installed the protector and we will head off shortly to give it a test on the Gibb River Road.
Once again thank you very much,
Feel free to give our friendly team a call to discuss your specific projects requirements.
As custom fabricators we realise each of our clients needs are different.