What is acrylic? All the guff on acrylic (Perspex) right here!

Cast acrylic is a really versatile and useful plastic which is commonly used as an alternative to glass. Available in clear or a range of tints, colours and finishes, acrylic can be shaped and formed into many different applications and products.

Many items that we come into contact with on a day to day basis are made from acrylic. Aircraft cockpit windscreens and aircraft windows are all made from acrylic. So too are commercial aquariums, bank teller screens and even the bullet proof capsule on the Pope-Mobile!

Acrylic has many advantages over glass in that it is:

around 18 times more impact resistant
has much better thermal insulating properties
is generally lighter than glass
can be easily cut, drill, shaped, glued and routered
is easy for DIY insulation
is much safer – it won’t shatter as glass will
has great UV resistance
incredible light transmission of around 93%
fantastic sound dampening properties
light scratches will often buff out
Around the home you may find many uses for acrylic including:

shower screens and doors
splash backs
weather proof screens for pergolas and outdoor entertaining areas
double glazing
display cabinets
cubby house windows
covering up those little louvered windows we often find in the toilet
doggy doors
light boxes
sky lights
reptile boxes
protecting the fly screen door from scratching pets paws
replacement windows for tractors, ute canopies, earthmoving equipment and boats
backboards for basketball hoops
machine guards
menu boards
notice boards
sneeze guards
displays for your products at farmers markets
quilting tables and so on……………………..

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