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Plastic Welding and Repairs

Lots of plastics can be welded. Plasweld specialises in welded repairs for PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon and ABS to name a few.

If if is too good to throw away, too expensive to replace or perhaps not even made any more then it is certainly worth fixing. We have welded, canoes and kayaks, water tanks, fuel tanks, motor bike fairings, playground equipment, bumper bars and more.

You can refer to an article on our tips of the trade page to get a sense of what can and can’t be repaired.

As and example, the red kayak pictured shows the value in saving things from going to landfill. As you can see it was extensively damaged after it fell off the back of a truck. Literally. About $130 later and it was seaworthy and ready for the next adventure.