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CNC Routing

Whether you need 1 part or 100 our CNC router is capable of producing highly accurate work (to .1 of a mm).

We can CNC router all sorts of plastic, MDF, plywood, timber and aluminium composite panel and some grades and thicknesses of sheet aluminium and brass.

If you already have a part that you need reproduced it is likely we can fabricate for you.

Our state of the art MatCam CNC router has a bed size of 2440 x 1220 with vacuum hold down.

Check out these examples:

Conveyor Tensioner –

  • Number of Units Required – 88
  • Material – 16mm Nylon
  • OEM Replacement Part – $109.00 per unit plus GST
  • Plasweld Substitute Part – $39.00 per unit plus GST
  • Customer Saving – $6,160.00

Sorting Machine Grader

  • Number of Units Required – 40
  • Material – 3mm PVC
  • OEM Replacement Part – $67.00 per unit plus GST
  • Plasweld Substitute Part – $22.00 per unit plus GST
  • Customer Saving – $1,800.00

Loom Spinner

  • Number of Units Required – 51
  • Material – 3mm Lexan Polycarbonate
  • OEM Replacement Part – $72.00 per unit plus GST
  • Plasweld Substitute Part – $24.95 per unit plus GST
  • Customer Saving – $2,419.55

CNC Routing

Our in-house CNC Routing services means we can accuratley produce parts in multiple quantities.

Machined Profiles


Acetal Gear


These bike stencils were cut out on our CNC machine from 3mm PE and were destined for use by a rural council to mark their bike paths.  The beauty of using PE for stencils is that it is very tough, flexible and virtually nothing sticks to it.  So paint just wipes off ready for use time and time again.




CNC Sign and machine guard cover

Just an example of more CNC work. A small acrylic sign as well as a food safety cover cut from 20mm poly.

Theatre Royal Sign

If you ever come to Castlemaine you will see the iconic Theatre Royal just off the main street. We recently renewed their sign for them in large bright letters

Too many rabbits!

For some reason everybody wants plywood shapes all of a sudden

CNC Sign

Did you know we also CNC rout timber? If you said yes you are right. Hello by the way.

Pig Trough engraved Detail

Decorative Frames - Vineleaf Pattern

We were recently involved with a landscaping project and were asked to make some decorative privacy screens.  This one features a vine leave pattern and creates a cosy and private nook in this part of the garden.

We also made the large tree sculpture as a feature piece.

All done on our CNC router!

Decorative Screens - Gum Leaf Pattern

Another landscaping project with screens designed to hide water tanks and create a feature.

Outdoor Patio Table

This table top is 1200mm diameter and made from MaxiPly Film.  This is a high quality exterior grade birch plywood 30mm thick with a tough phenolic resin coating.

We have machined a decorative pattern in the top and a central hole to accomodate a market umbrella.  The base is stained oregon.

Patio Table Finished

This is our finished patio table as described in an earlier photo.

Lawn Chairs

These 'His & Hers" lawn chairs are made in the Adirondack style.  In this case we have CNC machined all frame components from 30mm exterior grade birch Maxiply Film.  The ply has a tough black phenolic resin coating.  The seat and back rest are merbau hardwood which have been coated in natural Osmo Oil.